sorry sorrrrry sorry

I am currently writing my last essay and studying for my in class essays tomorrow. I haven't had time at all to update this! But, I will have time thursday and friday when I'm in London and a long flight on Saturday. I will spend a lot of that time writing it out in Word and then transferring it. again, soorry. :[


The final weekend

So, I just have one more paper...mmm so Italy should be coming during this weekend when I have free time. I did change my picture to one from Italy so you aren't waiting too long.

I am going somewhere else this weekend!

The last place is Germany and Belgium. I'm going to visit the Christmas markets, so I'm really excited! I just loooove Christmas...it's my favourite. I can't believe this is my last weekend, but at least I'm going to do something instead of just sitting around waiting for it. Just 1 week and 1 day left in the UK. I can't wait to come home. :]