Craaaazy weekend trip

These day trips we've been taking are required for our classes, so we've already paid for them. But, there is one weekend trip that everyone goes on together. This was Oct 15-17.

This is from Windsor. I had never seen so many birds in my life. It was crazy. Those swans were HUGE! Windsor was really pretty and had some interesting places. We stopped by Windsor castle, but didn't go inside. Everything thought we were going to, so it was kind of weird. But I was okay not going because I found a gift stop during our free time (in which I also had some fish and chips) and bought a few christmas gifts. I'm hoping to be pretty much done by the time I head home, because I'll only have 2 weeks to get things if I wait. FYI everyone, gifts will be unique from awesome places so don't expect DVDs...because I'm most likely giving you a finger puppet from Zimbabwe. I'm not actually going there...just using it as an example.

After Windsor, we went to Stonehenge. It was cool to see it because now I can say I've been there, but overall it was pretty boring. You can see the stones from this highway that runs right next to it. And now it's all roped off so you can't even go inside and look at them. There an audio tour, but our guide said it wasn't very good because they would talk about something and then end it with, "but that remains a mystery" meaning they don't know anything about it. But it was a good place to get a picture for the Study Abroad office back home.

So then, after that day we went back to the hotel and did whatever we wanted. There was a store across the street and that was seriously it. So we had to get food from there. The next day we went to

BATH! This was a top favourite place we went to that weekend. The city of Bath is crazy beautiful and there's so much to do. We spend the whole day there. This is from the Roman Bath's...this is the main one. The thing around my next that looks like an old school cell phone is the audio tour, which was really nice, but sometimes got a little dry. It was still really neat to see it all. Then of course we ate some food and went shopping. I got an owl pillow which is so cute...and Harry Potter glasses because the next day we went to...

Lacock and Oxford! This day was Harry Potter filled. This is outside of Harry's parent's house. We also saw Slughorn's house, McGonagall's class room, the hospital wing, and the scene where Malfoy gets turned into a ferret. So much Harry Potter. I have lots of pictures, but I can show them all later.

This was just a quick update so I'm not too behind. Last weekend I went to Paris, so I will be updating soon with that. Currently I am in the Netherlands. It's weird because I've never been somewhere where I didn't know any part of the language. I don't even know how to say hello or thank you. So it's strange, but luckily everyone speaks it around here. Dutch just sounds fake anyway. I feel like they're not even saying real words. So yeah! Check back tomorrow maybe for my update about Paris. :]

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