Three years later....

Well!  It's almost been three years since I was living in England.  I do realize I never made a few posts still, but I think we'll all survive without them!  :]  Or at least, you will have to survive because I'm not about to write them now.  haha

I haven't done much traveling, except for a few trips around the midwest area.  I'm planning on doing another pretty soon, so I'll post about that one and the others soon!

I wanted to start up my blog since I am planning a trip to South America very soon!  It's especially exciting because it's another continent that I haven't been to.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before or not, but I'm trying to go to every continent before I'm 40 years old.  So far, I've been on three and I'm almost 23.  I'd say I'm making good time so far.  :D

Well, this was just a quick update!  Be on the lookout for posts with pictures!

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