Starting off with a bang!

Well! I was suppose to be in Lima this morning, but my first flight was cancelled last night. I rescheduled my flights for about 12 hours later so that I was suppose to land in Lima at about 10 at night....when I really landed at 11:15.

This is what flying just before sunrise looks like. :) very peaceful. 

This is from the door to the outside in Chicago. The airport was pretty clear, but there was still quite a lot of snow that you could see from the plane. When we got off the plane in Chicago, we all could see our breathes up until we walked out into the actual airport. 

After Chicago I went to Miami. That airport is so stressful! There was another flight to Lima that was suppose to take off 5 minutes after mine and was just a few gates down from where I got off. However, my flight was on the complete opposite side of the airport. I was SWEATING when I finally got to my gate. And then I waited in a huge crowd of people to get on the flight....seriously. There were A LOT of people on this plane. And everyone spoke Spanish. I think this was the moment I realized that this trip might be harder than I thought since I barely know any Spanish. 

So, by the time we all boarded the plane and the crew checked a bunch of random stuff, we were off to Lima! An hour and a half after our departure time, but we were on our way. I ended up not sleeping on the plane and watched a couple of movies, which I later regret. 

The plane landed at about 11:15. I went to go get my checked bag, but after waiting an hour, I realized it wasn't coming. I filled out a report with the plane company, and that was quite a process for each of us to figure out what the other person was saying. I was coming back the next day anyway to fly to Cuzco so I just told them to keep it at the airport instead of bringing it to my hotel. 

My cab driver to my hotel was really nice and told me stories from when he sailed in Europe. I finally got my hotel at 1:30 in the morning. It was a 22 hour travel day, which was terrible for my knee. Blah. 

This is from the coast of Lima. :) I'll have more to post tomorrow! 

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