Classes and traveling!!!

So! So far, I've had a couple classes and they are pretty boring. haha The tutor talks for like 2 hours and I just want to do stuff. We have this small assignment due tomorrow in class and leave it to me to start the day before. If I were a Disney princess I'd be Procrastihontas. :]

Other then that, I've just been making plans to travel. So far I just have a small day trip this Saturday to London, but I'm in the process of going on a weekend trip next week. Probably to Paris and such. I've pretty much planned out the time when my sister and mom come to visit. We're going to Paris for the weekend and to London a couple of times. I think we're also trying to go to Dublin for a bit, but not sure where else. I hope to go to Italy sometime while I'm here. I want real pizza! Instead of this 50p crap from Tesco.

Also, my birthday is next week! Just 5 days away and I'll be 20. I used to think 20 was so old so this is an odd feeling finally getting here.

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