I "fixed" my camera!

After an hour of googling and trying all sorts of things, I finally got my camera to start working. There's still something wrong with it, but it at least does it's job. I just have to be careful not to get anything in it. :] So! Since that happened, I decided to make a quick post and put up some pictures so far (meaning more than 10 because it's hard to not show some of these). I promise to finish my long one about the Netherlands this week!

This is from my 6 hour layover in Athens, Greece. I went off the plane and looked to see where I should be, and this is what I saw. I was like O.O But it was okay, because I just looked at the flight time and then saw it there. Also, I really wanted to get a stamp in Greece while I was there, but the woman wasn't very nice so I decided it was best to just leave it.

Whaaat?! They have these in GREECE?! This is pretty much where I sat the whole time and typed up the Paris blog and tried SO hard not to fall asleep. It probably didn't help that I decided to sit in the comfiest couch in the whole room. I was so tired, that on the plane from Greece to Egypt, I slept the whole time. Yes, that even means through the breakfast that was included in the ticket price. >:[

I don't know why I love these pictures so much. It's just kind of like "it's official! I'm in this country now!" It's weird to think about flying over oceans when I normally just fly over land at home. It is slightly scarier, but I don't notice most of the time because I'm sleeping. There's really nothing better to do when you travel by yourself. haha

This is outside of the Egyptian museum. I went the first day when I arrived. It was really cool to see some stuff that I had learned about in my art history classes. Plus, there's this hallway with just mummies. Very creepy. I've seen my share of dead bodies for awhile. They also had King Tut's golden mask, which I would've taken a picture of, but no one else was, so I thought it wasn't allowed.

This is a picture of the belly dancer that performed at this dinner boat cruise on the Nile River. Also a little tid bit, Egyptian food has lemon in it. Like, everything has lemon...even the potatoes. Anyway, she would grab people and make them dance with her. She probably got 6 or so people to come up...that includes me. Yes, I stood in front of everyone and made a fool of myself trying to belly dance, but I didn't care too much. When else is that going to happen, probably never. Plus, you only live once. :] She took pictures with people and she actually performed twice with another act in between her costume change.

This is what was between the belly dancer. This guy with a huge skirt on would spin around for like 5 minutes straight and just do random things. It must be something around here. It was really cool though. At one point in time he had a tray angled toward him with a glass on it. Since he was moving, it didn't fall. Then he put a bottle of water on the tray, opened it, and POUR IT INTO THE GLASS! O.O I have it on video, but I STILL don't believe how that happened. I understand physics, but that was seriously some Harry Potter stuff.

So, that was day 1, and this is day 2.

This is at the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It's 7000 years old. It's made of lots of little stones, and then the Egyptians realized that that was a bad design. So then they started building them out of larger, stronger stones. Every time I got my picture taken at a pyramid, the person taking it would always have me do this pose. I don't know why...but it got old fast. There was another pyramid in the area and you could go inside of. It wasn't anything amazing, but still cool to say I've done it. The opening was very short so I had to bend down to get through. And then there's just two rooms off of the hallway.

Today I also rode a camel! This is the camel I rode. He was very cute, but it made me sad because they lead them with the green rope and one end is attached to a ring in his nose. :[ Plus EVERYONE had whips and were hitting their horses and such. It just made me a little sad to see it happening. I was very nice to the camel to make up for it. He had such LONG eyelashes and was very tall. Getting on the camel was fine, but then when it stands up, it's terrifying. I was shaking because I swear I was going to fall off. I wish I had gotten a video, but I'm sure there's one on youtube somewhere. :]

So, this is me on the camel at the pyramids. :] The people doing the tour made me wear the scarf (which I got to keep), but it really wasn't that bad and ended up taking it off pretty soon since it was really windy. Camel was SO CUTE!

Of course I had to get a jumping picture! My face looks a little odd, but it's the only good once since my tour guide wasn't very good at speaking english and I had to explain how to do this like 20 times. But hooray! I got one! I'm really trying to get one with my ISU Roam'n Redbird shirt at every famous place I'm at. The people back in the study abroad office will love me! Maybe even offer me a job there...eh? ;]

Okay, this is the last picture. This is kushari! I had this for late lunch/early dinner tonight. My driver told me this is something that people in Egypt eat all the time. It has rice, macaroni, another type of noodle, lentils, chickpeas, tomatos, and fried onions. It sounds random, but it's very good. Of course, there's lemon juice on the side, but I was sick of lemon, so I ate it plain. It was very good. :] It's nice to be somewhere that has vegetarian food because I am sick of cheese sandwiches. I think tomorrow I'm having falafel since my driver showed me the best place. So that's exciting.


  1. UGH. I just wrote a giant comment and it deleted. Stupid blogspot. You should use Livejournal. haha

    Aaanyway. I'm so jealous you got to go to Egypt but that's so awesome that it was mostly good!
    That sucks about the tour guide dropping the camera in the sand. If mom had been there, she probably would've made them reimburse her for a new one. haha

    GLORIA JEANS?? I still have a bunch of punch cards from that place. I don't remember the name of it, but that iced chocolate mocha coffee drink was delicious. Yumm.

    hahahaha that's so awesome that you belly danced! I wish you had a video of that. :o)

    Yeah.. I don't like seeing animals being whipped or kept in captivity, which is why I don't like zoos. :o/

    ALSO. Kushari totally looks like Goulash or hot dish which is disgusting. YUCK.

  2. I'm going to make kushari when you come up. Maybe I'll make some food from my travels for christmas dinner. :]