Scotland! with pictures!

So! I should probably add pictures before it's too late and I get too lazy to do it *cough*Netherlands*cough*. So! I have about 10 of them.

This is the night train I took. You could pay for a bed, but it's so much more...plus these seats were really comfy anyway! I decided to take the night train because then I wouldn't have to worry about a place to stay. My train was at 11:50 at night, but there was an earlier one at 9:15...which I should've taken so I wouldn't have missed my freaking tour! BLAH! I can't do anything about it now, but I am still mad about wasting the money. I'm going to be very poor after this, so donations would be nice! :D So, I went to sleep pretty fast and then...

woke up to this! It's so pretty and it seems to just go on forever! Plus, there's sheep everywhere! :] The sheep were very cute. It was nice to see big fields of green grass because I don't see that much in England. Even in some parks in London don't have it because they just have other plants and sidewalks in them. I took a lot of pictures from the train and I'm sure people were annoyed by it, but it was just so nice to see.

This is from the train station. It almost looked like a little town inside. Kind of Harry Potter ish. :] I had time to take pictures since I missed my tour and all. >:[ The station was still cool. I had to walk to a different one to go to Inverness, but it was less than 5 minutes to walk there. It wasn't as cool or impressive, so I won't put a picture up. But, a train and bus ride later (totaling a little over 4 hours) I was in Inverness! It just so happened that that weekend, the train going all the way to Inverness was out, so you only went an hour and then took a bus the rest of the way, BUT the bus had to drive to EVERY train stop on the way! BLAAH. I obviously slept...even though it was freezing on the coach!

This is in Inverness. It's right by the train station and it's called Falcon Square. I first saw it and was just confused. It's a unicorn...I still don't get it. Plus, there's birds below the unicorn and one has some other small animal in it's beak. Scotland has some pretty crazy stuff. Unless the unicorn actually means something and I just don't know.

This is Inverness! This is on a bridge over the Ness river. It's from the Loch Ness. I was about 13 miles north east of Loch Ness, so unfortunately, I didn't get to see it. Next time, I will for sure not miss a tour! >.< It was still very pretty to see. There's a lot of older buildings and lots of mountains in the background...something I never see at home

SO CLOSE! :[ I have to go see it again. Not on this trip, but next time I'm around, it will be at the top of my list. It's probably not even that impressive to see since it's just a giant lake, but it's the meaning behind it. Also, quick story. My zoom stopped working so I went out, got a small screwdriver set and fixed it myself. Then, the next day we were in London for a school trip and it STOPPED WORKING! blah. So I figured it would just have to be okay in Scotland to not have zoom. But then while in Inverness, it just started working again! It's a early christmas miracle. :]

I almost bought kilts for people back home, but they were not cheap! The funny thing is, guys actually wear them around. I saw a couple of men in brown boots, kilts, and sweatshirts. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to creep them out, but it was so weird! It was very cold up there, so I don't know how they could go around wearing a skirt. It's weird how you can think of stereotypes, but they end up coming true.

This is a small market I found on my way back to the train station. There were a lot of places with food and lots of random clothing. It was pretty much just like the market out in Canterbury, but with different accents. I still love Scottish accents! After staying the night with three other women, we talked in the morning. they were all from Scotland and were down for a weekend nurse training thing. During one of their stories, one of them said "lass". It was awesome.

The next morning I went to the train station and headed back to Canterbury (which took a total 10 hours O.O ). This is what it looked like outside. It had snowed soooo much over night. As I headed back down south it there was less, but still! I can't believe that happened! It made me excited for Christmas though!

This is a picture from more south when all the snow had melted. You can see some sheep. Just thought it was a pretty picture to share. :]

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