No pictures today

So! I can't put pictures on here because I can't transfer them off my camera. I had a tour guide today DROP MY CAMERA IN THE SAND WHILE THE LEN WAS OUT! So it now will not shut and sometimes not open because now there's crap in it. First thing I'm going to do when I get into Canterbury is go to this camera place and try and get it cleaned out. ugggh So annoying. Plus he was annoying about it..he could tell I was upset but didn't offer to help pay for the cleaning or anything. He just kept telling me and trying to take pictures when I told him I didn't want to.

At least the memory card is alright. buuuut stiiiiill. >:[

I will write a longer post soon. The sun here makes me sleepy all the time and I want to nap.

Highlights so far:

- Belly dancing
- Riding a camel
- Getting Christmas gifts
- Eating kushari
- Seeing the pyramids
- Egyptian museum
- Getting tan, but not really since I don't think I look very different, but I could be and just not know it!

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