This weekend's trip

This weekend I am going somewhere where I have always wanted to go: Italy! It's pretty much my last big trip by myself (since I have another weekend trip, but it's a tour). It's very expensive over there, so I've been trying to budget money like crazy. I already have where I'm staying (made sure they serve breakfast), and a day tour on saturday. I still need train tickets, but I read everywhere that it's much easier to just buy them when you get there. I may just get a rail pass so I can just use it...but I may end up spending more money for it. :[ I think I'll just wait since I'm only going somewhere on a train one time.

I have yet another layover on this trip. This time to Switzerland! So I will have *technically* been in Switzerland too! :]

I plan on taking lots of pictures because it's all about art over there! :D

However, before I take this trip, I am going to see in Opera in London. Me and two of my friends are leaving on a 3:30 train to London to see La Boheme. I am very excited! I'm just going to stay around and hang out at the airport until my flight at 9 in the morning. I hope they'll be okay with me bringing my back pack to the opera since I have no where else to put it. =/ I guess we'll find out!


  1. I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! AND JEALOUSSSSS. I want to go to Italy so bad. Get an obligatory picture of you pretending like the learning tower of Pisa is falling over on you for me. haha

    I'm really proud of you for doing all this, it seems very brave. And you have learned so much now! It's good that you're going to class and all that, but what you're learning from your world travels will be much more useful in your life than your classes. :o) (I know mom and dad wouldn't like me saying that..)

    Switzerland!! Get some chocolate while you're there. :D

    Opera? That's pretty sweet. Have lots of fun. <3

  2. Itaaaaly was my fav. We're going there together. Pizza everyday. No jokes, for cereal.